Tim Taylor: Planning in Mantle of the Expert

“Mantle of the Expert involves children co-constructing the curriculum; investigating the curriculum. The curriculum isn't delivered to them. It's a really damaging idea, this idea that the curriculum is 'delivered' to kids. It's not a parcel. Kids aren't letter boxes. No one is. That isn't how learning happens.” (Tim Taylor)

This video features Tim Taylor introducing a group of teachers to Mantle of the Expert.

Tim explains some of the principles behind the work, and looks at planning a Mantle project based around the Roald Dahl book BFG.

We also see Tim working with a group of children at Woodrow First School, on a Mantle about WWII.

Tim is the author of A Beginner’s Guide to Mantle of the Expert, and a freelance teacher and teacher-trainer. See the website:


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