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Mantle in Portugal: ESEPF

This project was led by staff at Escola Superior de Educação de Paula Frassinetti, a Teacher Training institution in Porto, Portugal. For more information, go to the website:


Class  Teacher Training course for Masters students

Curriculum:  Pedagogy of Natural Sciences, History and Geography - Planning interdisciplinary activities in Social and Natural Sciences to apply in Primary School teaching 



Educational Research Company



Newspaper report which says that primary school teachers need different teaching models to promote significant learning


Building the 'Frame'

The team undertake research to discover:

- What problems do teachers identify in the classroom that may explain low school achievement?

- Where can we find more information to identify solutions to those problems?


Introducing the  'commission' and the 'client'

An educational publisher has heard about the team's research, and invites them to produce a pedagogical book with interdisciplinary activities for Social and Natural Sciences, aimed at primary school teachers


Fulfilling the 'commission' 

Tasks included: planning and 'trialling' teaching materials; undertaking market research to get feedback from teachers 


The 'publication'

The 'publication' was presented to the 'client'

You can hear the ESEPF team talking about the project, in this video

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