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Rolling Role videos

You will find videos about Rolling Role throughout this Teachers Guide. Here are some more.

Dorothy Heathcote stressed the need for what she called "dimension" in teaching. In 1993, she observed: 

Now, the National Curriculum Council put out a statement - and I just wonder if teachers have heard it or read it. … “At the heart of the curriculum lies the dimension.” …

If you want people to have information of many kinds, and the people you're teaching come from many cultures, and the people you're teaching have many different skills and qualities and memories and brains, you have to have dimension - because it is dimension that helps people put all the disparate bits of knowledge they get into their own worldview.   [Source: Dorothy Heathcote Video Archive, Series G:1, University of Central England, 1993]

The video also features an extract from a drama which she did with children, about the aviator Amy Johnson.

In this video from the "Rolling Role" series (Tape 9), Dorothy discusses how drama can get rid of "dummy runs" in teaching. She analyses the elements in drama work, that make things really matter to children.

Dorothy argues that "there are three layers to work in drama ... The teacher makes the choice." Here, she discusses the three levels: anthropology, sociology and psychology. From "Rolling Role and the National Curriculum," Tape 1 (University of Newcastle, 1993).

In this video, David Allen looks at the origins of Mantle of the Expert, through the example of a drama Dorothy led in New Zealand in 1978. Recorded at ESEPF, Porto, with extracts from the film "Sanctuary." 

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