"Rolling Role"

“There is not a lot written on this yet, and it's so radical that if it ever happens, our nation will change, our schooling will create a different thinking nation. You are on the cusp of change, it's true.”

- Dorothy Heathcote on her “Rolling Role” system 

“Rolling Role” was originally designed by Dorothy Heathcote particularly for use in secondary schools, as a way of addressing the fragmentation of the school curriculum, breaking down the walls between subject areas, and help students to see that subjects have links with each other. In this system, a team of teachers together develop a common “context” for a programme of work. It is designed to meet their different curriculum areas and teaching targets. The programme of work can then “roll” from teacher to teacher; work produced by one class can be used as a resource by another class.

This guide to the system was produced as part of an Erasmus+ project, with partners in the UK, Italy, Spain and Poland. 


We are using the system, not only with subject teachers in the same school; we are also linking schools and organisations in different countries – even in different sectors – through the application of digital technologies.


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