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This is a Rolling Role project involving schools, and a university, in different countries; linking children in primary schools (Foundation Stage and upwards), with students in secondary schools, and undergraduates. We have created two fictional spa towns – Stoney Bywell, in the Peak District (UK), and Veralia in Spain.

The idea is that the towns are twinned – and both of them will celebrate their septuacentennial in 2022!

Classes and groups in different institutions are working on the project. They are uploading materials they create to the maps on this website. Groups will consult and use materials that other groups have produced - and so the project will “roll” from one group to another.

Stoney Bywell is loosely based on Buxton, and Veralia on Alange.

museum_and_artgallery A.jpg
old_oak_well A.jpg
Saxon_Ruins A.jpg
the_bandstand A.jpg
solomons_temple A.jpg
the_dome A.jpg
the_octagon A.jpg
the_opera_house A.jpg
townhall A.jpg
thermal_baths2 (2).jpg
the_crescent a.jpg
the_palace_hotel (2).jpg
amphitheatre A.jpg
milestone_vase_fragmen_ from_ roman_camp
mineral_water_baths A.jpg

Participating organisations: Woodrow First School, UK; Midland Actors Theatre, UK; Secondary School Ies Juan de Mariana (Spain); Istituto Comprensivo Simonetta Salacone (Italy); Department of Department of Canadian, Intermedial and Postcolonial Studies, University of Lodz (Poland).

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