Mantle in Germany:

Staatliches Schulamt in Augsburg

This project was led by Doris Silbereis with a Year 5 class at Mittelschule Herrenbach, Augsburg, Germany.

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Class  Year 5 class in a German middle school

Curriculum  Geography:  'Habitat Earth‘   (climate zones; environment in danger). German: Reading and dealing with texts and other media (understand non-fiction texts and graphics; get informed)


A detective agency, called Herrenbach Lupe by the class.


A backpack is found. It smells as if it had been in a fire. Should we open it?  The backpack functions as a ´speaking object´ (drama convention) and can answer the students´ questions. It belonged to two children: Isabela and Rodriguez. The task is now to find the children who lost the backpack. As they had to flee from a forest fire, the backpack might be the only thing remained from their home. Now the students have to work like detectives to find out what had happened.

Building the 'Frame'

The class form teams and make plans to start searching. Where were forest fires lately? They listen to news on TV and radio; read newspapers; search the Internet; and present the results on a wallpaper chart

Introducing the 'commission' and the 'client'

A letter brings the commission from an environmental organization called 'Green Life'. Because of the huge number of forest fires all over the world, they need help in order to evaluate the fires and the damages.

Fulfilling the 'commission' 

Tasks to complete the commission included: researching forest fires in 2017; marking the countries on a map; creating a record of country, area, damage and cause of the fire

The 'publication'

The final outcome was a report/e-mail to Green Life with the record of fires in 2017, and facts established (all fires broke out in hot and dry areas); and attached maps

You can find out about Mantle work at Mittelschule Augsburg-Herrenbach in the first video below. The second video is a short film (in German) about the 'Habitat Earth' project

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