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Dorothy Heathcote was ahead of her time. Her work continues to provide models, inspiration, and challenges. Her vision of a revolution in the way we think about education seems even more urgent now than ever. The 2023 conference takes place at the University of Aberdeen from 5-8 October. It will combine talks and workshops. There is an emphasis on practice, with a particular focus this year on drama conventions and strategies.

The conference will appeal to teachers, drama practitioners, youth theatre workers, students, trainee teachers, and academics. There is an international line-up of presenters including Cecily O'Neill, Jonothan Neelands, Tony Goode, Stig A. Eriksson, David Montgomery, Jonathan Jones, Sylvan Baker, Selina Busby, and more!


ON 5-6 OCTOBER, there will be two "Applied Practices" Day

The first day (5 October) will focus on drama conventions, in education and beyond. There will be practical drama workshops led by Cecily O'Neill, Jonothan Neelands, Tony Goode, David Montgomery, Jonathan Jones, Tim Taylor, Iona Towler-Evans, Roberta Boschi, David Allen, Will Barlow and Stig A. Eriksson.

The second day (6 October) will look at theatre with, for and by young people and adults. There will be practical drama workshops, led by Gary Gardiner, Lucy Gaizely, Dougie Irvine, Selina Busby and Sylvan Baker.

ON 7-8 OCTOBER, there will be a two-day conference weekend

There will be practical drama workshops and panel discussions. Speakers and facilitators include Cecily O'Neill, Jonothan Neelands, Tony Goode, David Montgomery, Jonathan Jones, Stig A. Eriksson, Tim Taylor, Iona Towler Evans, David Allen, Roberta Boschi, Richard Kieran, Lisa Hinton, Gary Gardiner, Lucy Gaizely, Dougie Irvine, Selina Busby and Sylvan Baker


You have several choices for the event. You can book just for one or both "Applied Practices" days; for just the weekend conference; or for the full four days. Early bird booking up to 14 July.


As part of the 2023 conference, we are running a series of free online events.


The first featured David Montgomery, who shared his memories of working with Dorothy at New York University (see video).

The second session featured Brian Edmiston and Iona Towler-Evans, talking about "Humanizing Teaching with Dramatic Inquiry," and sharing examples from their recent practice.

In the third session, Viv Aitken and Tim Taylor discussed the realities of Mantle of the Expert around the world.

Here are the future sessions:


27 Sept @ 19.00 UK: Jonathan Jones - Assessment in Drama

To book for one or more events, go to:

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This website is dedicated to the work of Dorothy Heathcote


Dorothy outlined four “contexts” or “models” for active learning, using drama-based methods – with the aim of forging links between schooling and society. They are: drama used to explore people, circumstances and events; Mantle of the Expert; Rolling Role; and the Commission Model.

This website explores all four models, and provides teachers and practitioners with tools to use them in their own practice.

This website is the home of the Mantle Network, which exists to support teachers and practitioners. It offers special events, projects in schools, and coaching and mentoring. Click here to find out more about the Network, and the projects we have done in schools. To contact us, click here

You can also find information on Dorothy Heathcote and Mantle of the Expert, on the website

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