Choose the 'Enterprise'

Select the curriculum focus

First, choose your curriculum area - be it Tudor History, or a Shakespeare play, or algebra... etc.

Do a 'mind-map' of the possible topics / learning areas which you might cover.

Now, you will have to decide the 'Enterprise' that will enable you to meet your teaching aims

Some types of 'Enterprise'

Select the 'Enterprise' that will deliver the curriculum for you

Here are some possible enterprises:

  • Government agencies - Home Office, Environmental Affairs, local Council

  • Services: Police, Hospital, Travel Agents, Town Planners

  • Organisations: Oxfam, Greenpeace, National Trust, zoo, vets, RSPCA

  • Gardens & outdoors: Landscapers, Farmers, Garden Centre

  • Museums: museums, Art Gallery, stately home

  • Manufacturing: Factory, Bakery, Fashion House

  • Arts & Media: TV company, documentary film-makers


The list is endless...!


Try to be oblique

Tip: try to be oblique – don’t be too direct in your choice of ‘enterprise’! If you are teaching about Ancient Egypt, say, it may be tempting to choose an enterprise very closely linked to the topic – people running a museum, for example, or an archaeological site (digging up a Egyptian tomb). One of the principles of the work, however, is that the children learn about one thing – while they think they are actually doing something else!

For example: a teacher was working with a group of Y5 pupils in a UK school. The curriculum topic was India. The enterprise chosen was an airline; the children called it Sky Jet 7. At a certain point, a (fictitious) ‘commission’ arrived, inviting them to bid to run new routes to three cities in India. As far as the children were concerned, they were simply running their company. But of course, in putting together their proposal to run the new routes, they actually learned a great deal about India! In this case, other possible enterprises include: Travel Agency; Tour Guides; TV documentary makers , etc.               

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