Mantle in Germany:

Staatliches Schulamt in Augsburg

This project was led by Heike Mengele with a multilingual transition class, Years 5-7, at Mittelschule Herrenbach, Augsburg, Germany.

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Class  16 students of a multilingual transition class, Year 5-7 ; + 8 students of a Year 5 class in a middle school

Curriculum  General learning targets: Intercultural learning, self- competences, social learning, creative thinking. GSL / German: Speaking practice,  using structures while  authentically communicating; writing  dialogues and scripts, acting out dialogues (scenic play)


An Arts Education Organisation


Teacher in role as a client (Frau Hut) who runs an agency called 'Sad Children's Aid.' She describes the situation of two sad children. The students start an inquiry, brainstorming ways to help and encourage these children. They come up with the idea to create stories around invented superheroes.

Building the 'Frame'

The class form 4 teams and make plans how to create the superheroes and their stories. The teams are given some training in different performance genres: rap; ‘stocking’ puppet theatre; drama/play; acrobatics /circus. (Training provided by university students in role as ‘experts.’)

Introducing the 'commission' and the 'client'

The teacher in role (Frau Hut) hears the plans and commissions the teams to produce the superheroes characters. 

Fulfilling the 'commission' 

Over the next 12 weeks, the teams prepare a 'showcase' to present their superhero characters. Frau Hut sometimes visits the expert groups while they are working or she asks to be informed about the progress via e-mail.

The 'publication'

The final outcome is an evening of music, play and entertainment. The different realisations of the 'superheroes-stories' are presented to an audience and recorded on video to be sent to the agency.  

Here is a short video (in German) about the project

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