Mantle at Primary level:

Nursery class at Woodrow School

This project was led by Ilse Willams at Woodrow School, Redditch, UK. At Woodrow, there is a special focus on teaching through Mantle of the Expert.

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Class  Nursery class aged 3 and 4, in a UK first school

Curriculum  EYFS Curriculum. Specific focus on Understanding the World, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language.


A team of café chefs working for their boss Daniel at the Sunshine Café.


A letter was received, written to their current boss. Enclosed was an airplane ticket to China.

Building the 'Frame'

The class had previously built the idea of the café through answering job adverts, making the uniform, writing recipes, making food, etc. This culminated in parents been invited into the café for the opening. As this had been a success, the chefs were sent the letter with plane tickets to China, where, they were told, they would meet a special friend of the boss.

Introducing the 'commission' and the 'client'

The team travelled to China in an imaginary plane. They created a model of the Himalayan mountains, and watched the client (adult in role) in the mountains. It was the Dragon King. Through the drama, they were introduced to the commission, which was to create a banquet to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Fulfilling the 'commission' 

Tasks included: researching and learning about China and Chinese New Year; listening to Chinese music and learning about Chinese dance; preparing Chinese decorations; tasting and choosing their favourite food; inviting people to the banquet; creating the recipe and making the food (stir fry).

The 'publication'

The final outcome was a celebration of Chinese New Year. As a reward for their good work, the team of chefs were then sent on holiday by their boss Daniel. This lead to the next Mantle project for the following term.

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