The 'Publication'

The outcome - fulfilling the commission

The class undertake a series of tasks to complete the 'commission.'


The completion of the 'commission' results in a 'publication' of some kind. This does not mean a 'book' necessarily - but simply a form of public sharing of the work. So it might be, for example, that the team shows their work or plans to the 'client' (represented by another teacher in role). Or it might be that there is a public event to launch the new website / exhibition / film (whatever it is); parents etc. can be invited to attend. 

Final thoughts

'We love Mantle because we are in charge!'

David Allen once worked with a class over an extended period on Mantle projects. When they were asked what they think about Mantle work, they said: 'We love Mantle because we are in charge!'

Of course,  class are not really in charge - the teacher guides the work so that it meets their teaching targets. But the advantage of having a fictional 'client' is that the class do not feel they are doing the work for 'teacher' - they are doing it for their company. They have a sense of ownership over their work!

When the 'commission' letter arrives, the teacher can also appear ignorant , rather than the one who already knows all the answers: 'I don't know anything about the needs of partially sighted people, do you...?' This is empowering for the class: it puts more responsibility on to them, to determine what they need to do, and how they can find out what they need to know.



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