On this page, you can find a Glossary of Terms, and some Frequently Asked Questions about Mantle of the Expert





Enterprise - Company

Dramatic play


Imaginative / fictional context

Dramatic conventions

Iconic, Symbolic and Enactive

Inquiry Method

The Hook – The Lure



Teacher Talk and Colleague-Talk



Tension / Productive Tension

Frame or Point of view



Internal coherence


Inquiry question


1. What is MoE in a nutshell?

2. Who uses the MoE system?

3. Why was the MoE system developed?

4. How does MoE teach the curriculum?

5. How can I assess students' progress through MoE?

6. Can I still use traditional assessment?

7. What are the benefits of using MoE as a strategy?

8. Is MoE merely a Drama method?

9. Do I have to be good at Drama in order to teach using MoE?

10. Doing MoE, do we need to always be in role or in a Drama?

11. Do students take MoE seriously?

12. Is MoE suitable for all levels of ability?

13. Is MoE purely about developing social skills?

14. Can MoE work with only one teacher, or do I need a team?

15. What are the challenges for a single teacher introducing MoE?

16. Are there support materials available?

17. How long should a MoE project last?

18. What is involved in the planning of MoE?

19. Is MoE suitable for single-subject teaching?

20. What changes am I actually going to have to make to my own teaching in order to incorporate MoE?

21. What is the end result of an MoE project and does this vary?

22. Is MoE only concerned with the process rather than the result?

23. What is the long-term impact on students using this method?

24. What research has there been done that evidences the benefits of MoE?

25. Does doing different MoE projects confuse students?

26. What changes have teachers observed in students who have used this method?

27. Is there evidence to show the responses of different groups of students to MoE? E.g. Second language learners, SEN students, Disadvantaged learners, disengaged learners etc.

28. Does MoE deal with the implicit or explicit teaching of moral or sensitive issues?

29. How much training do I need in order to use MoE in my teaching?

30. What do I need to consider for my first steps into the MoE method?

31. What is the most challenging aspect of MoE?

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