Victorian Birmingham

The aims of this project are to give students an understanding of how Birmingham has changed over time. The focus is on the area around New Street, covering developments such as the market, the Town Hall, the shops and their clientele, the train station, etc.


Pupils engage in different forms of historical enquiry - looking at objects, documents, paintings, photographs, maps, letters, etc. Tasks include planning and designing a wall mural, demonstrating the changes that have taken place in Birmingham as it has grown from a village, to a major industrial town.


The project meets a number of the curriculum targets for History at Key Stage 2 and 3. It engages pupils in a study of local history; and makes clear to them the way that changes in Birmingham over time reflect aspects of national history, particularly the Industrial Revolution (1745-1901).


The project also helps pupils to understand historical concepts such as continuity and change; and gain historical perspective by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts.


The project is designed to last a minimum of 5-6 half-day sessions.


The images in the gallery (above) show pupils from Penn Fields School working on the Victorian Birmingham project.


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